The video spot for Lost Motos ‘LOST BUT NOT ALONE’ Campaign was designed to be non-confrontational, but also fun - appealing to the wider community of blokes who ride, and a reminder of why we all love being out on our bikes. Rather than being played on Live TV, this was something that places sponsoring Lost Motos could have on location, or be used on their social media.

A series of postcards were created as a simple, yet meaningful way of checking in on friends, family and the motorcycling community, and opening a new way to communicate.
I also wanted to turn these postcards into a series of posters, not so much for advertising purposes, but for personal decor. 
Many of the companies that sponsor Lost Motos are motorcycle companies themselves, and as such have customers coming in to buy accessories, spare parts or have their bikes serviced in store. These posters were designed to be displayed in store and at home, serving as a reminder that even if you feel lost - there's a whole community behind you for support, and that you’re never alone. 
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